We develop
custom AI bots

Automate repetitive tasks, lower costs, and free up resources of marketing, support, and HR teams
● Onboards customers
● Automates live chat support
● Collects NPS feedback
● Notifies about updates

AI Bot for Customer Support

● Screens candidates
● Onboards newcomers
● Automates HR admin tasks
● Offboards employees

AI Bot for
Human Resources

● Qualifies leads
● Automates e-commerce sales
● Upsells and retains customers
● Answers FAQs

AI Bot for Marketing

How AI bots work

Bots collect data from internal systems to provide fast and personalised service
Data sources
Knowledge bases, data bases
website, phone, messengers
Data collection
CRM, HelpDesk, internal software
50+ software integrations
12+ interaction channels
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