AI Bot
for Customer

The bot saves budget covering repetitive first line requests
of customer support costs can be reduced by a bot
of customers are satisfied with bot interaction
of queries are covered by a bot
Voice bot
Hey! My internet is down.
Hey Leo! Your monthly payment is still pending. Pay now or set up AutoPay to keep enjoying our internet services.
Pay now
Set up AutoPay
Oh, my bad. It's done
Awesome! If you have any questions, I'm here to help
Cost efficiency
AI bot replaces dozens of first line customer service agents. It keeps a budget out of bloating.
instead of
Diversity of tasks
AI bot takes over boring repetitive queries processing. Any script can be implemented.
burnouts and staff turnover
High-level SLAs
AI bot works 24/7 with 0% downtime and 0 missed conversations. It helps to keep high SLA standards.
instead of
instead of
Put repetitive tasks on autopilot

AI support bot combines different roles

Incoming communication
The AI bot resolves repetitive first-line tickets, answers the most common questions, and helps with orders, deliveries, or payments.
Outgoing communication
The AI bot handles tasks involving outbound conversations, such as measuring NPS, collecting feedback, and providing updates.
Incoming + Outgoing communication
The AI bot can proficiently manage incoming communications while also effectively handling outgoing chats and calls.

How AI bots for customer support work

Data sources
Knowledge bases, data bases
website, phone, messengers
Data collection
Internal support software, messengers
Bots collect data from internal systems to provide fast and personalised service

AI bot handles 80% of first-line inquiries

The bot automates repetitive incoming messages regardless the channel
The bot processes FAQ queries, technical, delivery or payment issues.
When it is necessary the bot redirects a customer to a human support agent.
The bot connects to internal data bases to provide excellent service. Besides the bot registers tickets in HelpDesk software.
Voice bot

AI bot takes over outgoing conversations

AI chatbot automates outgoing messages.
AI voice bot takes over outgoing calls.
The bot collects NPS feedback or conducts customer experience surveys.
The bot notifies about maintenance, technical issues, or changes in the loyalty program.
Voice bot
50+ software integrations
12+ interaction channels

Why AI bots is the best solution to handle repetitive tasks

Power of AI
Our AI technology constantly evolves learning from customer interactions to provide ever-improving service.
24/7 online

Bots respond instantly at any time and can have unlimited conversations simultaneously.


Bots are usually developed in accordance with a company’s CJM, Tone of Voice and visual identity.

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