AI Bot for
and Sales

The bot handles all repetitive tasks automating lead gen, e-com sales, upsell, and retention
of companies using our bots get high-quality leads
of users prefer
chatbots for assistance
website conversion
a bot provides
Hi! As I see you’re interested in AI marketing automation. I guess, you need some help?
Hi! Yes. Can a bot qualify leads?
Yes! Our AI chatbot handles FAQ, showcases product benefits, gathers contact info and schedule meetings. Book a demo to check it.
Wow! That's interesting!
KPIs achievement shortcut

AI bot helps a customer to go through the sales funnel. Sales agents get only engaged leads.

instead of
tiring leads
Automated outgoing communications
AI bot takes over boring outgoing messaging routine. Any script can be implemented.
overloads and burnouts
of productivity
Automation of repetitive tasks
is the perfect way to cover more with no additional resources.
instead of
bloated budget
instead of
Put repetitive tasks on autopilot

Marketing chatbot use cases

Lead generation

AI chatbot encourages customers to leave their contacts or schedule meetings.

E-commerce sales

The bot recommends products, and it also assists in making purchases and checking order statuses.

Retention and Upsell

AI chatbot cares about LTV and Retention Rate and offers discounts or extra services.

How AI bots for marketing work

Data sources
Knowledge bases, data bases
website, phone, messengers
Data collection
CRMs, internal software
Bots collect data from internal systems to provide fast and personalised service

AI chatbot is a PRO
in lead generation

The bot minimizes leads losses on the website and maximizes conversion rates.
The chatbot proactively captures a customer's attention to guide him through the sales funnel.
The chatbot answers common questions, explains a product value, and collects contacts.
The chatbot prepares only qualified leads for the sales department.

AI chatbot automates
e-commerce sales

The bot consults, recommends additional products, and sells.
The chatbot helps customers make a choice and filters a suitable selection of products.
The chatbot engages customers with product recommendations.
The chatbot helps to make a payment, arrange a delivery, or schedule a meeting.

AI bot cares about upsell, cross sell and retention

The bot automates reminders, updates and upsell/cross sell interactions, helping customers stay engaged.
The chatbot initiates upsell/cross sell interactions after a predetermined amount of time.
The chatbot notifies customers about new products, sales, or changes in prices.
The chatbot returns churned customers offering them personalised discounts.
50+ software integrations
12+ interaction channels

Why AI bots is the best solution to handle repetitive tasks

Power of AI
Our AI technology constantly evolves learning from customer interactions to provide ever-improving service.
24/7 online

Bots respond instantly at any time and can have unlimited conversations simultaneously.


Bots are usually developed in accordance with a company’s CJM, Tone of Voice and visual identity.

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