AI MakeUp Assistant for Beauty E-Com

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AR Try-On
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Refunds Decrease
There are no blind purchases. Understanding how a product looks makes it less likely to be refunded.
Engagement Raise
Ultra-realistic digital makeup engages customers with loads of looks and makeup options to try on.
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Online Sales Boost
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The try-on experience and personalized recommendations boost conversion rate and average order value.

AI and AR Synergy Makes Difference

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AI MakeUp Assitant: Makeup Try-On and Beauty Advisor

The AI Makeup Assistant bridges online and in-store shopping, providing assistance before ordering.
AI Beauty Advisor recommending looks and helping with purchases.
AR MakeUp Try-On showing how cosmetics looks on the client’s face.

How AI MakeUp Assistant works

AI MakeUp Assistant uses Banuba SDK to overlay cosmetics on faces. Product items and necessary info are sourced from the client’s data and knowledge bases.
Banuba SDK
products database
Client's Website
AI MakeUp Assistant

AI Beauty Advisor

AI Beauty Advisor provides online store customers with personalised product guides, assists with the try on and lets add the preferred products directly to the cart.
AI Chatbot
Beauty Advisor proactively attracts clients’ attention offering to try cosmetics online.
Beauty Advisor leads clients through the whole buying process: answers questions, recommends looks and products, helps with checkout.
Beauty Advisor helps to manage makeup try-on via interactive product cards and text queries.
AI MakeUp Assistant answers questions such as 'will this conditioner weigh my curls down?’ or 'when will my package arrive?'

AR MakeUp Try-On

The tool helps to check how cosmetics look on the client’s face in real-time.
AR Try-On
Clients can upload photos or use live try-on.
The system analyses skin tone, skin type, colour type, and facial features to provide personalized makeup recommendations.
Clients can mix and match available products. Cosmetics look natural on any face.
Why AI MakeUp Assistant will handle client communication
Power of AI
Our AI technology constantly evolves learning from customer interactions to provide ever-improving service.
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