AI Chatbot
for Human Resources

The bot streamlines the whole employee journey: recruitment, onboarding, workflow, and offboarding
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of employees prefer using HR bot support
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Hey Martha
How can I assist you?
Hi. How many vacation days do I have?
You have 7 vacation days available at the moment.
Thank you!
Create vacation request
Fast and effortless applications handling
AI Bot helps candidates go through the recruitment process with no attracting a human.
HR research is simpler than ever
AI bot automates outgoing surveys or polls taking over scheduling, sending and data gathering.
instead of
lack of feedback
Employees get
instant support 24/7
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AI bot handles conversational routine tasks providing fast and meaningful answers.

AI chatbot skyrockets HR department productivity

instead of
employees dissatisfaction
HR chatbot use cases
AI chatbot provides access to corporate systems and mailbox, reveals a company's rules and answers the most common questions.
AI chatbot answers questions about a company, guides a candidate through the recruitment funnel, collects and filters resumes, schedules interviews.
AI chatbot helps to take a vacation or sick leave, arrange a business trip or reimbursement, conduct surveys and contact Helpdesk.
AI chatbot accepts a letter of resignation, helps to close systems access and transfer projects info to responsible colleagues.

How AI bots for HR work

Data sources
HRIS/HCM, Intranet portal, calendars
business messengers
Data collection
HRIS/HCM, Intranet portal, calendars
Bots collect data from internal systems to provide fast and personalised service

Chatbot automates recruitment tasks

The bot enhances employees' work experience, making it more positive and fulfilling.
The chatbot filters out applications and makes the first contact with candidates.
The chatbot answers questions about a position, company and hiring process details.
The chatbot automatically schedules online meetings, collects feedback, and provides updates.

Chatbot makes onboarding smoother

The AI bot offers comprehensive onboarding guidance, making newcomers' settlement fast and easy.
The chatbot introduces company rules, salary setup, and software access steps.
The chatbot informs about office info, perks, HelpDesk support, team details, products, and important contacts.
The chatbot guides employees through paperwork process.

Chatbot takes over daily HR routine

The AI chatbot improves internal communication standards for both incoming and outgoing interactions.
The chatbot helps employees to resolve organisational or technical issues.
The chatbot opens a vacation or sick leave, arranges a business trip and sends documents.
The chatbot informs about events, updates, news, and conducts HR research.

Chatbot enhances offboarding experience

The AI bot supports employees' needs when it comes to layoffs, especially for remote workers.
The chatbot helps to transfer all the ongoing tasks and statuses to the team.
The chatbot provides answers to queries related to offboarding process.
The chatbot assists in closing all accesses on the employee's last day, ensuring data security.
20+ software integrations
8+ interaction channels
Why AI bots is the best solution to handle repetitive tasks
Power of AI
Our AI technology constantly evolves learning from customer interactions to provide ever-improving service.
24/7 online

Bots respond instantly at any time and can have unlimited conversations simultaneously.


Bots are usually developed in accordance with a company’s CJM, Tone of Voice and visual identity.

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